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Valpolicella Classico Santambrogio


This wine with a dry harmonious flavour and a rich, ruby red colour is the product of the vinification of the finest grapes cultivated in the Valpolicella hills.

GRAPES: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, old indigenous grapes and other recommended varieties to finish.

VINEYARD: The vineyards are located in the northwest part of the arc of hills in the province of Verona and have an average age of 30 years. The soil is hilly, Neolithic, calcareous, thin and stony.

SYSTEMS: All pergoletta Veronese, with more than 3,500 vines/hectare.

VINTAGE: Mid and late September, with manual harvesting.

VINIFICATION: When the grapes reach the cellar they are destemmed and crushed. The must and marc are then fermented in special heat-controlled tanks with a temperature of about 20°C and a device for punching the cap until the colour and bouquet in the flower must alone have been extracted without any need for pressing.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent with flavoursome starters, such as soppressa veneta (salami from the Veneto region), or first courses with egg pasta and beef ragù sauce. Also goes well with white and red meats, game birds and ground game. Serve at 16-18 °C.