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Malvasia Bianca

This wine has both floral and tropical fruit aromas of jasmine , passion fruit and lychee with flavors of pear nectar and citrus fruits, making it rich without being heavy and presenting a very clean and creamy, dry finish. The Malvasia Bianca from San Bernabe Vineyard has such exotic floral and tropical fruit aromas that it is literally aromatherapy in a glass.

After a long hot summer day, a cool glass of KVV Malvasia can be the perfect respite from the pace of modern life. Malvasia Bianca can be an excellent aperitif or may be paired with foods from spicy cuisines such as Thai, Korean, "Texican" and Indian. It pairs well with mild curries or foods complemented with fruit salsas, chutney, hot pepper or ginger. As Ken points out, “Malv / ASIA is the perfect wine for Pacific Rim cuisine for the ‘Asia’ is already in it.”

Technical Notes
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