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Moscato d’Asti

100% Moscato Bianco

Area of Production: In the Langhe district, in a limited zone particularly well suited for the cultivation of Moscato.

Harvest:  Last ten days in September.  Hand picked and delivered to the winery in 20kg. containers, keeping the bunches as intact as possible.

Vinification and Refinement: Soft pressing of the grapes.  The juice is then cooled to 0°C and stored in refrigerated vats.  Fermentation begins a month before the first bottling, a very slow process reaching 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Color: Pale yellow

Bouquet: Ample and very intense, with a note of overripe fruit that is the unique aroma of Moscato.

Taste: Pleasant and very persistent, reflecting the richness of the bouquet.

Accompaniments: The wine is enhanced when served with desserts and fresh fruit.  It may also be consumed very well on its own, at any times of the day.  Serve at 10°C