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Pinot Grigio


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The growing area comprises that recognized optimal for production of typical Pinot Grigio quality wines, where the variety performs best in alluvial soils, in the valley floor and on alluvional cones.


The selection of low yelding clones and thinning out grapes to restrict yields per vine are pre-requisite for the production of perfectly ripe grapes, which in turn are indespendable for high quality. The berries are gently stammed (thought not broken), softly pressed and subsequently fermented in stainless steel tanks using temperature control, a practice now considered indispensable for producing quality, fruity white wines. After fermentation the wine is matured on the fine lees to enrich it with interesting complex secondary aromas, characteristcs which will develop after a few months in the bottle.


Alcohol : 12,5 %

Acidity 5,5 g/l


Straw yellow in color with a rich nose ranging from fruit (pear and banana) to floral aromas (acacia). Dry on the palate, full and fresh, medium in sructure with good medium term aging potential.


A classic fish wine, it is also an excellent partner for soups, platter of cold cuts and white meats. Serve lighlty chilled at 52-54 F .It will keep well for one to two years

Serving Temperature: 16-18 degrees C .