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Twelve Bar Reserve

750ml   53.5% ABV proof 107

small batch, handcrafted  

The Twelve- Bar Blues is one of the most prominent chord progressions in popular music. Like the blues progression, Three Chord’s straight bourbon has a distinctive flavor. Just as the progression has unique rhythm, chord structure and duration, Twelve Bar Reserve has a distinctive flavor, smooth character and refined taste. A blend of Kentucky and Tennessee 12 year old Bourbons. Each offering its own character to complement each other. They were born and matured in bourbon country and they ventured to Michigan to join in harmony! Blended to a “Perfectly Tuned Taste”!



75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. We are considered a medium-high rye bourbon.


Clear and rich. Burnt or brown sherry color.


Hints of caramel and vanilla.


Our signature bourbon is chewy and complex. It has an abundance of vanilla, clove, charred oak and a sweet honey character that hangs in the background.


Long and lingering with a charred oak character. Add a few drops of room temperature water and experience a strong peppercorn character.