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Blueberry – Raspberry

Central Vally – Chile

Made with Natural concentrated Blueberry-Raspberry juice

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Semillon, Moscatel

Charmat Method

Residual Sugar – 60gr/lt

Alcohol – 9.0% vol

Vinification – The grapes were harvested by hand.  The second fermentation was made in tanks using the Charmat Method under strict temperature and pressure controls.  After fermentation the yeast lees were fairly fast decanted, and the sparkling wine was filtered and blended with the natural fruit concentrate under a carefully controlled temperature.  Then NVY was bottled and released.

Tasting Notes – Attractive and lively red violet color with light effervescence. Intense berry aromas fill the glass.  Blueberry and Raspberry scents are present.  Nice mouth attack, with sweet fruit flavors entering the palate, with a fresh balanced acidity in the finish.  

Service Reccomendation – NVY should be consumed cold, ideally between 2°-4°C.  Turn the bottle softly upside down before serving, without shaking, so that the sparkling wine mixes with the fruit concentrate.  Ideal as a summer drink, by the terrace, beach side and any festive occasion.